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CBL International Limited’s stock is being traded on NASDAQ Capital Market. Its ticker symbol is “BANL”.

The Group’s business commenced in 2015 in Hong Kong under the name of Banle Energy International Limited which currently becomes an indirect subsidiary of CBL International Limited, and a member of the whole Group.

CBL International Limited was established on February 8, 2022 in Cayman Islands.  It serves as the listing vehicle on NASDAQ Capital Market and the investment holding company of the Group.

The Group’s corporate headquarter is in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia.

The fiscal year of CBL International Limited and the Group ended on December 31.

CBL International Limited is listed on 23 Mar 2023

The Group currently focuses on providing vessel refueling (or termed as “bunkering” in the industry) services in the world’s major ports in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and other countries in Asia Pacific.

The Group’s major customers are the world’s top container liner operators whose ships need bunker refueling at the ports in the region.  It is a huge market in which the marine fuel consumption volume exceeds 100 million metric tons per annum*.
*Source from F&S Industry Research Reports 2022

The Group is capable of making available supply of marine fuel to customers, covering 55+ ports and its operation is supported by a network that currently comprises its offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong,  China and Dublin. 

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CBL International Limited’s U.S. legal counsel is Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP (effective from April 26, 2024).

CBL International Limited’s auditor is MRI Moores Rowland LLP (effective from February 23, 2024).

CBL International Limited’s transfer agent is VStock Transfer, LLC.

Shareholders can contact customer service line of VStock Transfer, LLC at (212) 828-8436 or by email to for assistance.

Please note that transfer instructions will vary depending on the type of transfer being initiated and the status of the shares. Shareholders could reach out VStock Transfer, LLC via phone at (212) 828-8436 or email to for specific instructions on how to transfer their shares.

To change an address on an account, shareholders may visit and fill out the address change form and email or fax the completed form for account updates.

To replace a stock certificate, shareholders will need to complete a Lost Bond Application for the reviewal by VStock Transfer, LLC. Lost Bond applications can be provided upon request.

Latest corporate news releases is accessible online via this website through HERE. Financial reports is accessible online via this website through HERE

The information about the Board of Directors of CBL International Limited is accessible online via this website through HERE.

The Group’s Executive Management Team information is accessible via this website through HERE.

 As a foreign private issuer listed on the Nasdaq, the Group currently adopts semi-annual financial reporting with a fiscal year end of December 31. According to SEC and Nasdaq regulations, we are obliged to release annual results four months after fiscal year end (i.e. by April 30), and interim results six months after the end of the second quarter (i.e. by December 31).

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