Word Description

A Tanker designed and dedicated to the delivery of fuel and or bulk lubricant to vessels or terminals. Usually self-powered, they can be dumb and towed or pushed by tugs


Bunker Delivery Note


Any fuel that is derived from biomass, such as plant or algae material or animal waste. Since such feedstock material can be replenished readily, biofuel is a source of renewable energy


A process for marine fuel supply to various kinds of vessels, which involve the shipboard logistics of loading fuel


The party stated in the Confirmation Note contracting to purchase, take delivery and pay for the Marine Fuels

Container Liner

Standard Container Liner is designed for moving bulk cargo inside of a Shipping Container (TEU). It sails on regular routes and having stable and recurring demand for marine fuel in respect of quantity, quality and delivery timing.

International Marine Organisation (IMO)

The International Marine Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations which is responsible for measures to improve the safety, security, environmental and anti-pollution issues of international shipping. It is also the authority to create regulatory framework for the shipping industry to ensure fairness and effectiveness


The Party stated in the Confirmation Note contracting to sell and arrange delivery of the Marine Fuels

Marine fuel

Fuel for the ships, the material to be burnt in the combustion chamber of the ship to produce power for sailing as well as on-board operations. It can be classified into fuel oil and gas oil, which is essential for voyage of ships and is supplied based on tonnage and propulsion system of vessels

Mass flow meter

A type of flow meter and is a device that accurately measures the mass flow rate of a fluid moving through a pipe. Mass flow rate measures mass per unit time

Mean of Platts Singapore (MOPS)

MOPS is a widely adopted price index benchmark in Asia Pacific. It is the average of a set of Singapore-based oil product price assessments published by S&P Global Platts day-to-day, which is also highly associated with the general crude oil price.

Tug / Tugboat

A small, powerful watercraft designed to perform a variety of functions, especially to tow or push barges and large ships

General Terms & Conditions

The legal terms and conditions of sale and purchase of bunkers – each company has their own Terms and Conditions, BIMCO has also produced Fuelcon as a standard set

Tonnes or Mt

Metric tonnes of 1,000 kg

Very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO)

A type of marine fuel whose sulphur level is limited to 0.5%