ESG & Sustainability

Credit Risk

Our credit underwriting and monitoring are comprehensive, and we have our formal credit committee to assess, approve, review and renew open credits for sales to all customers. This allows us to have sound mechanisms in place in order to prevent problems in the future.

We provide open credits to be generally granted subject to the acceptability of the creditability of our customers. We also require credit insurance to cover the risks of customers if our credit committee deems necessary.

Internal Control

To ensure the integrity of our information, we have extensive internal control policies and procedures in place to safeguard information assets, such as the management of confidential information. To maintain our operations in any case of unforeseen circumstances, we have our business continuity plan in place to reduce impacts and minimise service disruption. Furthermore, we are compiled in all aspects concerning quality management, supplier management, legal compliance, occupational safety and so forth. We are evaluated by an independent internal auditor on the sufficiency and implementation of the company’s policy and procedures while monitoring the policies’ implementation and making suggestions on improvements.

Environmental, Social and Governance

We are committed to contributing to reducing GHG emissions targets adopted by IMO and have implemented our in-house GHG management. An ESG committee has been established to formulate energy management policies and review measures’ integration in our operations. To further promote clean energy technology, we have obtained ISCC EU and ISCC Plus certificates from Bureau Veritas, certifying that we comply with all the requirements and are allowed to trade biofuel within the supply chains.

We are eager to explore more ESG-related products for marine bunkering, such as ammonia, biofuel, LNG, methanol, etc., in Asia Pacific.

Additionally, corporate responsibility is something we must work towards to create a meaningful impact on both our employees and the society we serve. At our core, we are driven by a passion for fostering an inclusive workplace where diversity is embraced and celebrated. Our commitment to inclusivity goes beyond our walls and respective affiliates. We understand that as a responsible corporate, we have a duty to contribute to the betterment of society as a whole. We encourage our employees to participate in volunteer activities and provide them with opportunities to contribute their time and skills to meaningful causes.

We firmly believe that creating an inclusive workplace and contributing to society are not just noble aspirations but essential components of a successful and sustainable business. By fostering an environment where everyone feels valued, supported, and empowered, we unlock their full potential and drive innovation.

Compliance and Risk Management

Knowing your counterparties is essential in risk management to comply with global regulatory requirements. We ensure that our chartered barges and vessels to be refuelled do not fall into any sanction list by accessing the transactional and analytical data with Lloyds’ list, which consists of regulations imposed by international committees.

Money laundering is one of the major financial crimes, and we exercise utmost care to ensure no money laundering activity is being taken. Furthermore, with the increasing enforcement risk in anti-corruption, we proactively pay careful attention to the evolutions and responses to the changes.