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Our main market is in Asia with business activities taken        place in the major ports of Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.


Our prospective customers are those ship owners or shipping companies whose ships (mainly container liners) need bunker refueling at the ports in this region.  Facing us is a huge market where more than 40,000 ocean-going vessels calling annually at these ports will be refueled at least once for them to complete a single voyage, and take for reference, there are 9 ports in this region having aggregate throughput of 235,415,000 TEU in 2019 that ranks them the first to the nineth busiest container port on global basis.


Marine Fuel bunkering is a highly regulated profession governed in all dimensions by international rules, legislations, standards and practices.  As such, for us to run this business,  extensive experience and profound knowledge about Marine Fuel are indispensable.


Besides, special attention has to be paid to some peculiar areas in the business environment including but not limited to (a) the special conditions and/or regulatory requirements of each port in the region, (b) quality and type of Marine Fuel allowed for use under Marine Emission Control rules and regulations, (c) movements of the ocean-going vessels, (d) locations of the supply origin, and (e) movement of the oil price, of which the changes would have to be well managed to mitigate the negative impacts of emergencies.

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