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Specification ISO8217

Specification - ISO8217

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the most authoritative body for setting international standards; ISO8217 sets the quality specifications for different types of Marine Fuel;  ISO8217:2017 is the latest version, but ISO8217:2010 is the version of standards mostly applicable at the present moment.

Note 1: Not all, but only the types of Marine Fuel we handled before are listed in the above.  At present, only LSMGO and VLSFO are commonly used.  HSFO is being phased out.

Note 2: The market price of LSMGO is generally higher than ULSFO; ULSFO is generally higher than VLSFO; and VLSFO is generally higher than HSFO

Note 3: Big ships used to consume HSFO .  They can, but not prefer to use MGO as it is said to generate less power than HSFO. price is also an issue.

Note 4: The requirement on Sulphur content is not a standard set by ISO.  It is subject to statutory requirements;

Note 5: Since IMO implemented the Global Sulphur Limit in Jan. 2020, limited number of big ships installed with scrubbers can still use HSFO of which the Sulphur content is not higher than 3.5%

Note 6: Other ships have to shift to VLSFO of which the Sulphur content is in compliance with the 0.5% limit.

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