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Movements of the vessels


Movements of the vessels and the choice of places for refueling

Container Liners are going on regular routes. Bulk carriers do not have fixed routes.  It is the charter party that determines where the bulk carrier has to go for loading and unloading.


Under the present situation, the two main shipping routes (the busiest routes in the world) that go through our region include:


The Euro-Asia shipping route runs from Rotterdam, Antwerp, Mediterranean Sea, through Suez Canal into Red Sea, Dubai, Port Klang, Singapore, Hong Kong and ends at various ports in China.  In return, it goes from China following the same route back to Rotterdam;

The America-Asia shipping route runs from South America or Los Angeles, to Vancouver, then crosses the Pacific Ocean to Korea, Japan, various ports in China and Hong Kong.  It will then go on the same route back to LA or South America.

The ship can choose to get refueled at any port along the route or take the quantity of fuel just enough for going to the next port.  As only minimum quantity of the fuel is taken into the ship each time, the ship will have a bigger capacity for transporting the containers thus maximizing revenue of the ship.

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