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Company Profile

Banle (“We” or the “Company”) is an established marine fuel logistics company in Asia Pacific providing one stop solution for vessel refueling, a bunkering facilitator as referred to in the bunkering industry.   The Company was founded by Mr. William Chia who has over 14 years of experience in petroleum management related activities from his past attachments with companies principally involved in oil and gas related industries.  He started off his own business by establishing Banle in 2015

Despite of our short history, we are able increase the sales volume of Marine Fuel substantially. This is quite a significant growth achievement notwithstanding that the Marine Fuel we handled had in fact changed predominantly from the traditional HSFO (Sulpur content < 3.5%) to VLSFO (Sulphur content < 0.5%) during the transition period from mid of 2018 to 2019.


Our main market is in Asia Pacific with business activities taken place in the major ports of Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.  We are at present capable to make available supply of Marine Fuel to the customers in 22 key ports in these countries making us one of the few bunkering facilitators that can provide network-based services in this part of the world.

Our major customers are those container liner operators whose ships need bunker refueling at the ports in this region.  Facing us is a huge market in which the Marine Fuel consumption volume in 2019 was about 100 million metric tons.

We have extensive experience and profound knowledge that are indispensable in Marine Fuel bunkering, a highly regulated profession governed in all dimensions by international rules, legislations, standards and practices.

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