Banle Energy International Limited Arranges Bunkering Services for BYD Explorer No. 1 at the Port of Antwerp


Hong Kong February 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – On February 23, 2024, Banle Energy International
Limited, a subsidiary of CBL International Limited (NASDAQ: BANL), is pleased to announce another
successful arrangement of bunkering services for BYD Explorer No. 1 at the Port of Antwerp. This
achievement further builds upon our previous bunkering services provided to BYD. The Port of Antwerp,
which is the second largest port in Europe with connections to over 800 destinations worldwide, serves as a
strategic hub for global maritime trade.

In January 2024, Banle Energy proudly supported the maiden voyage of BYD Explorer No. 1 by providing
bunkering services to the vessel at Yan Tai port. We have been given the privilege once again to provide
bunkering services for our valued customer at Port Antwerp. This opportunity comes as we continue to
expand our business in Europe, further solidifying our presence in the region.
“We are delighted to provide bunkering services for our esteemed customer, BYD, and support its voyage in
Europe,” said Mr. William Chia, Chairman and CEO of CBL International Limited. “We actively seize every
opportunity to offer competitive and integrated bunkering services to our valued customers in our
progressively expanding network, including the European market. In line with this strategy, our
representatives will be attending the International Energy Week in London to further strengthen our brand
presence in the European region.”

Banle Energy International Limited remains committed to delivering exceptional bunkering services, catering
to the evolving needs of the maritime industry. With a focus on expanding its European operations, the
company continues to forge strategic partnerships and explore new opportunities to provide efficient and
reliable solutions.